NDurance (Private) Limited is a Neutraceutical company based in Sri Lanka.

At NDurance, innovation is our lifeblood.

Starting with natural functional ingredients, we create innovative products that bring a unique, multi-sensory experience for the consumer.

We aim to provide natural and healthy products for those seeking to live life to the fullest, unlocking new opportunities in neutraceutical innovation.


For those who choose to grab life by the horns and live it to the fullest, we want to provide products that accommodate that process.

You’ve chosen life. Our purpose is to help you live it.


Dr. Dilshan Balasuriya
Dr. Dilshan BalasuriyaScientist, Adventurer, Philanthropist
It’s 4:00 am and the sun hadn’t announced her presence yet. While the rest of the world slumbered, a lanky figure could be seen stealthily trekking up the Knuckles mountain range armed with his shooting gear, with his trusty sidekicks stumbling a few steps behind him on the non-existent trail. Meet Dr. B; scientist, adventurer, mountain-climber, ornithologist, and wildlife photographer. Aforementioned shooting gear, was of course for photography not hunting.

With a BSc. in Pharmacology from UCL and a Ph.D. in Molecular Neuro Pharmacology from the University of Cambridge, Dr. B’s natural habitat is the lab; however, he is in his element only atop a mountain with a leech or two inextricably tethered to him. The significance of his scientific discoveries eludes those of us clueless about Sigma 1 Receptors and calcium channels but his ten peer-reviewed publications incline us to their gravity.

Dr. B’s tenacity is seen in his adventuring when pursuing the perfect picture of a shark in the Trico waters, in his resoluteness in setting up lab experiments and even in his brief stint spearheading new product development at a leading pharmaceutical company in Sri Lanka. But what makes him well-loved is his slightly cocky grin and sense of humor that makes those around him feel at home.

Nishelli Perera
Nishelli PereraAspiring Econometrist
In the sweltering Texas heat, an odd vision of a smurf-sized brown girl and a 6’5 giant could be often seen running laps around the university perimeter. This was Aaron Wuensch and Nishelli Perera. Both Masters students at the University of North Texas majoring in Economic Research, they competed with each other on everything from street races to top grades in the program. A national swimmer and triathlete, Aaron didn’t have the opportunity to complete the Masters program as he unexpectedly passed away, succumbing to a myocardial infarction.

With the loss of Aaron, Nishelli adopted a ‘carpe diem’ approach to life – realizing the importance of seizing every moment, living life to the fullest, pushing boundaries and inhibitions. In the following years she did a balancing act of being an analyst at a reputed Texas based analytics company with clients spanning from Nestle to Walmart to Miami Hospital while becoming a certified Jazzercise fitness instructor and a university lecturer for micro and macroeconomics. She spent her “spare” time hiking the Inca trails in Peru, being awed by the view atop the Zugspitze in Germany, jumping in icy lakes in Interlaken and enjoying the Texan life.

Upon returning to Sri Lanka, Nishelli spent five years at the largest pharmaceutical company in Sri Lanka in the capacity of Head of Strategy. She has now embraced #TheStartUpLyf with zeal with hopes of helping others live life to the fullest.

YetiBrand Inspiration
Yeti a Leonberger from Cambridge, England arrived in Sri Lanka in 2014. He was greeted at the airport with stares of amazement as what appeared to be an immense ball of fur leaped around. He created mass confusion among the airport vets who couldn’t pin down his breed or species which led to an interesting encounter with the customs officers. As Yeti has grown older, the stares of amazement have turned to stares of disbelief due to his monumental size.

Leonbergers are a giant dog breed which derive its name from the city of Leonberg in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. According to legend, the Leonberger was ostensibly bred as a ‘symbolic dog’ that would mimic the lion in the town crest. Our Yeti remains true to his ancestry – magnificent in appearance and dignified and noble in behavior.
Yeti is an integral part of the NDurance team, and has been the inspiration behind the Yeti brand. Majestic and strong, yet gentle and protective, our Yeti closely resembles the personality of the mythical Yeti from the mountains of the Himalayas.


First meeting with Dr. Jorg, who collaborated with Dr. B to develop the World’s First Isotonic Energy Drink

With Mr. Bleich our distribution partner and Dr. Jeggle our European correspondent in Munich, Germany

First round of taste testing the Isotonic Drink with our flavour development team in Pune

Our co-packers in Frankenmark, Austria; the home of energy drinks