Hi there,

We are Bala and Bossman, the co-creators of the Yeti brand.

Less than an year ago we quit our stable jobs and said goodbye to our relatively successful careers to pursue a start up business. What ensued was the rollercoaster ride of our lives…

Bala a.k.a. “The Doctor” graduated from Cambridge with a PhD in Neuropharmacology and an impressive double digit list of publications (“PubMed me” is his favourite pick up line for the girls). Bossman is an aspiring Econometrist who spent the last 5 years at a pharmaceutical company, heading the Strategy division.

Our goal is to unlock the power of natural ingredients by harnessing scientific knowledge to serve the needs of people living life to the fullest (fullest as defined by each to their own!)

We hope to one day put Sri Lanka on the map for neutraceutical innovation!

We together with our friends want to share our start up life adventures with anyone who wants to journey with us. Follow our next 365 days of #TheStartUpLyf

Bala, Bossman & Friends